I’m excited. You wouldn’t believe how excited I really am. Wait, did I mention I’m excited? As you can probably tell, mission school is right around the corner. Tonight we attended an open house where we got a tour of the house we are going to live, met our fellow students, and got to ask questions about the school. Let me tell you, everyone seems great. I can already see God flowing through this group of people. I’m so excited to grow with them and become a family of believers.

The school starts on September 15. We start by going on a camping trip. It will be a great opportunity to grow closer to The Lord and each other. The first few weeks, they said, will be pretty intense. It will be a lot of growing together as a community as it sets the stage for the rest if the year.

One thing I’m amazingly excited about is our focus on prayer. Prayer is so powerful. Prayer is literally having a conversation with God. The God of the Universe! Can you believe it? Who knows what awesome things can happen when you allow yourself to be in fellowship with Him. I’m just grateful that he ALLOWS us to be in fellowship with him. Prayer can move mountains.

We also found out tonight, that a small portion of us will be headed to India instead of Guatemala. That was surprising but awesome at the same time. It’s so great that The Lord can use us young people in two very different parts of the world to accomplish the very same thing. That is, bringing the love of Christ to the darkest places on earth.

The Bridge Street House of Prayer(BSHOP) is very focused on helping the community on the west side of Grand Rapids. It’s amazing that they are allowing us to be a part of their community for 8 months. BSHOP is committed to serving the community. We will be a part of that. We will be going into schools and getting to know the students. We will be showing them the love of Christ.

Overall, I just learned a lot more about what out experience will be like tonight. I met some amazing Brother and Sisters in Christ. I also got a chance to see the place I’ll call my home for the next 8 months. I’m sure these next two weeks will fly by, but I also don’t want to ignore the things I can be doing to serve God as my summer comes to a close. I’m going to make it my goal to just be kind to everyone I encounter these next couple of weeks and pray The Lord will use me to change someone’s heart or even just give them hope on a bad day.

As I close this post, I want to leave you with something to ponder. Tonight, I met this girl who is working on staff at the school. She introduced herself and after some conversation she said she recognized me from my churches college group. I felt embarrassed because I didn’t recognize her, but she was very excited about the fact that she knew me. I was curious as to why she was so excited. Then she told me the story and it all came rushing back. That night was after I got out of the Hospital the first time for a suicide attempt. I felt alone and very far from God. My heart was hurting and I was crying. No, I was sobbing. I felt alone. I was alone. All of a sudden a girl whom I have never met comes and asks if she couldn’t pray with me. Her words filled me with a sense of peace as I felt the spirit interceding on my behalf. She then walked away and I never knew who it was. Until tonight. I gave her a huge hug and thanked her from the bottom of my heart. Knowing this, I challenge each and every one of you to step outside your comfort zone and pray for a stranger. Let them know you’re praying for them. You never know how The Lord could touch that persons life through you.

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