T minus Three Days

Can you believe it!?  I begin my journey in just three short days.  In these three days I have a lot of preparing to do.  I need to pack, figure out what I need, get my car in tip top shape (as it’s broken AGAIN), clean etc. I also have a lot of spiritual preparation to do.  I need to pray over these next eight months, pray for each on of my classmates/housemates, and pray for all the leaders who will be leading us on the path to Jesus.  I’m so excited.  I’m excited to serve people.  I love people.  They are great.  It’s going to be such an awesome opportunity to hear others stories and hopefully share the joy of Jesus.

Please keep me and the rest of the team, both leaders and students, as we prepare for these next eight months.  It would be such a blessing to have you pray for us.  I’ve already felt overwhelmed by the amount of people who have just surrounded me in prayer this week.  So many people have just laid their hands on me and prayed into what I’m about to do.  I’ve been so filled with Joy as I see Jesus ALREADY moving.

The Journey is about to begin. 

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