It’s Still Real

So, here I am, at the mission school. I’m with the most amazing group of people focused solely on God, yet I’m still struggling. I thought the school would almost be a magical cure for my depression, but it’s not. It’s still real. I still struggle.

There is a difference though. Something in me has changed and made me even more determined to fight. It’s this: I know I have a purpose here. God really is working in my heart to give me a sense of periods here. Though I still struggle, I have hope.

My biggest fear is not knowing how the other students will react to me. Will I be liked? Will they be able to understand my depression? That’s my depression talking though. I know I’ll be loved and accepted because everyone here is very Christlike. I just know a lot of people have different opinions on mental illness, so that will be a learning experience for me.

Anyway, today we went to two church services. One was a community church. It was very diverse and I could tell the people really loved Jesus. Then the second service was at my home church, Crossroads. There they invited us up front, then lauded their hands and prayed for us and what we are about to do. We are doing bonding today too. It’s good to get to know the others better.

Tomorrow we leave for the camping trip. We will share our testimonies there. I’m so excited to do this. It’s real. It’s happening. God is awesome.

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