We Will Overcome

Wow.  All i can say is wow.  I am so incredibly blessed.  This journey, though only five days in, has already blessed me beyond belief.  These last three days our team of 12 and our leaders  went on a camping trip.  The trip was a blessing from heaven.  It was a team builder.  We got to enjoy nature and the beauty that God made.  We also got to see the beauty God placed in each one of us.  I have grown to love these people in just five short days.

The Camping trip was mainly about bonding with each other.  It’s important to have a strong community when doing the Lord’s work.  The way we did this is by spending time with each other in close quarters, not showering together, and cooking together.  The real thing that bonded us together, however, was the sharing of our testimonies.  I got to hear everyones story about how God has guided them, redeemed them, and claimed them as his own.  I also got a chance to share my story with them.  The power of those testimonies was unbelieveable. We all came from different places but one thing bonded us together, and that is our passion for Jesus.  Even in the midst of suffering and doubts, he shone his light through.  We will overcome by the words of our testimonies.  The evil one has no place when we have The Spirit in us.

I have not only grown to know these people, but I have grown to love them with and unconditional kind of love.  They are my brothers and sisters.  Now the next step on our journey starts tomorrow when we get into the routine.  We will start our teachings tomorrow and get into The Word.  Soon we will begin serving in the community we are living in.

Now I’m showered and clean after the camping trip.  Both on the outside and inside.  I was refreshed on the inside by the reminders of God’s unfailing love and everlasting grace.  How blessed I am to have a God that loves me so much that nothing I do or did could change that.  I’m also, once again, blessed by a community of believers that are passionately pursuing the king of the universe.

This will be an incredible, challenging, crazy, fun, inspirational, life changing year.

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