Trust is a huge issue. No one could have a relationship without it. Our relationship with God depends on our trust in him and his promises. This week, I’m learning a lot about trust, both in good and bad ways. I’m also learning that Jesus’ love surpasses everything else and it is sufficient.

This week started out hard for me. I had a hard time just dealing with my self esteem and self worth. I had some moments where I felt like I didn’t fit into this community. At the same time, I also tried my hardest to realize my identity is in Christ alone and not what anyone else may think of me. It was time for me to trust God with my thoughts and not let satan hold them captive any longer.

Tuesday was also a hard day. I was still working through some self worth issues and my depression got the best of me. This forced me to trust my leaders to know what was best for me. It forced me to trust others with my emotions.

Yesterday I was really put to the test when a decision was made that I did not agree with. Not only did I have to trust God that it was the right thing, but I also had to trust the ones who made this decision. I had to trust that it was out of love. It was hard to do, but God softened my heart and opened my eyes to see the love that was being poured on me.

I also am learning to trust God with some more distant things in my future. I’m learning to trust him with my future career, my future spouse (or lack of), and my future journey. I’ve been working through and wrestling with God about these things. I have to trust that he knows what’s best for me and he knows what will help draw me nearer to him. That’s all I desire, you know. I desire an intimate relationship with him. If he has to completely break me to do that, then so be it.

Have your way in me, Lord. Help me to trust you in all situations.

With that said, I’m fighting a fight. A battle in my mind. So continued prayers would greatly appreciated.

I saw the power of prayer this week. The coming together of the community with a common purpose. Let me tell you, prayer is powerful. So so powerful. Faith can move mountains.

One Reply to “Trust”

  1. “Mission School, Depression, & Grace” …Grace, Grace, Grace!! Too often Christians talk about Grace, say they understand Grace, are thankful for Grace, yet when it comes right down to it, fail to extend the same Grace that we ourselves have been given from our Lord! Grace-Fully given, should now be reflected in Grace-Fully living!! (Title of my “book” in process, Grace Fully Given, Grace Fully Living. 🙂 )

    I think this Grace is what is truly important in others understanding depression, and others who are suffering. And right along with Grace, there must always be Trust! You have demonstrated such trust & Grace! And that’s what I love about this blog!! While others may see themselves as spiritually discerning, I really think your walking this journey shows such spiritual discernment, trust, & grace!!

    Regarding “learning a lot about trust, both in good and bad ways”…

    The hard lessons in trust that came for you most certainly came, I believe, when your trust in others was not fully reciprocated by others! So thankful, though, for the love of Jesus, in Whom you so richly trust, truly proved to be sufficient in the midst of this all, as you mentioned!

    And so thankful that prayer, talking to Jesus, provided so much. So thankful to Him, so thankful for ongoing healing, so thankful for you & all you are learning. May everyone learn about trusting in relationship, as these relationships continue to grow. Beautifully blogged!! So thankful!

    Love you!!! Always!!

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