Awake and Alive

This week has been a hard week on all of us here at the mission school.  We had some events happen that kind of shook up the community.  If it did anything though, it truly brought us all to our knees in prayer.  We all came together to pray and we all just are growing to love God and each other more and more, even through the hard experiences.

This week we learned about Jesus. This was no simple sunday school lesson about Jesus, we really went in depth about who he is and his position as both God and Man.  We discussed the pre-incarnate Christ.  We also talked about how essential it was that Christ came as a man.  He fulfilled all the prophecies.  He was the fulfillment of the law.  We discussed how loving God is that he would humble himself enough to come as a human and sympathize with us.  How incredible is that?  We talked about a lot of different things, It would take a week to say it all.

Our speaker this week was Matt Lockett from Justice House of Prayer (JHOP) in Washington D.C.  They fight for life right on capital hill.  It was super cool to hear some of his stories about how God has used him and his team to work in D.C. to help end abortion here in the U.S.  On friday mornings, we also pray for life.  So this morning after a week with Matt, I was very passionate about praying for the women struggling to make a decision about abortion and praying for those unborn children.  It was a blessing.

In Ministry this week, we started Bible Club at Union High School.  It was such a great experience to draw in Kids with though background and from broken families and just share a message of hope with them.  I’m starting to get to know some of these kids more and more as I’m with them twice a week.  I’m also with them at Campus Life on Thursdays.  Campus Life is such an awesome ministry.  It’s very similar to Young Life.  This year we are teaching on Game Changers.  It’s cool to get to interact with the students and learn more about them and just provide a safe place for them.

This week we also learned where we are going to be going for outreach.  Some of us are going to Guatemala and some to India.  I’m on Team Guatemala.  Although India sounded fun, I truly felt God calling me to Guatemala. I’m excited for those two months to see what God will do with them.

In my personal journey this week, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I had a couple rough days.  God is definitely helping me though though.I’m seeking council in my community.  It does get hard some days though.  I struggle immensely with a lack of self worth.  Being in such a tight community almost escalates it.  I feel I don’t fit in or that no one likes me.  I fight this with prayer and scripture however. I know I need to only gain my worth from Christ.  God is doing a work in me to realize that.

I’m so blessed to be a part of this school and community.  There is no better place for me to be right now than here.

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