For the longest time I have found my identity in things I shouldn’t.  These past few days, I have realized two things: what I put my identity in and who I should put my identity in.  It’s amazing how once I realized that my identity is In Christ I had so much freedom.

The first thing I found my identity in was my looks.  More specifically my weight.  Let’s be honest here, I know I’m not the thinnest branch on the tree.  That thought consumed me.  I hated that I didn’t fit into society’s standards of beauty.  I hated myself.  I thought no one, specifically guys, would ever like me.  I had such a low self-esteem.  Little did I know, however, is that my low-self esteem was actually making me less beautiful.  To be truly beautiful you have to be confident in yourself.  True beauty comes from within.  Not only that, but the King of the Universe has called me beautiful and his Beloved.  He is captivated my me.  That is my true identity.  In Christ, I am beautiful.  If a guy can’t see my beauty, he is too shallow to deserve me anyway.  My weight doesn’t matter in the long run, as long as I’m happy, healthy, and in Christ.

The second thing that I have found my identity in recently is my depression.  My depression has defined me for awhile now.  I have thought of myself as “that depressed girl”.  I thought no one would want to be with someone who was sad all the time.  Little did I know was that this thinking was self defeating.  I would tell myself no one would like me, so I secluded myself.  I made myself even more sad and depressed.  Although, I am still struggling with this, I am being set free through Christ, by starting to find my identity in him.  Christ is the rock in which I stand.  I’m not “that depressed girl”.  I’m a child of God.

I have found my identity in countless other things too, those are just the two biggest.  This week has changed my perspective on a lot of different things though.  This week we learned about prayer.  How amazing is it that the God of the Universe actually allows us to come into his presence and communicate with him.  That’s exactly what prayer is.  Simply put, it’s talking to God.  God also teaches us to pray in the Bible.  We went through the Lord’s prayer very intentionally and looked at other prayers in the Bible.  It was a great week.  It really drove me to want to be more diligent when I pray and pray constantly.

God has surely blessed me this week.

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