This is War

This week has been an awesome week so far.  We had a wonderful teacher come in, the director of Set Free Ministries, Dean Vander Mey.  It was such a blessing to hear him come speak and share his knowledge.  The subject we dove into this week was Spiritual Warfare.  That is the battle Christians face daily with the devil and his demons.

A lot of you may think that is crazy, but hear me out.  God is real.  His goodness is very real.  Satan is also real, and so is evil.  We fight evil spirits almost daily.  They whisper lies to us.  They tell us things like, “You’re not good enough.” or “Does God really say…?”   He is present and can cause a lot of heartache, pain, and despair.  His primary goal is to get us to believe his lies and turn away from Christ.  As Dean said this week, “Satan already knows he’s done for, so he’s trying to bring as many people as he can with him.”  Spiritual Warfare and the Spiritual War is real.  Luckily for us, we know the battle has already been won and we are already conquerors through Christ who saved us.

I saw some spiritual warfare take place right before my eyes this week.  On the first day Dean was here, he talked a lot about mental illness.  Obviously that is something that is very near and dear to my heart.  I had a hard time hearing what he had to say.  What I thought he was saying was that mental illness was all spiritual and if you were mentally ill you just had a demon.  This upset me greatly because I know mental illness is not just spiritual, it is also very much a physical reality.  After class, I went up and talked with him about what I heard him say.  Thankfully, god did not let the lie I heard go on any longer.  Dean let me know that I had simply misunderstood what he was trying to say.  You see, Satan tried to get me to to dislike Dean by feeding me lies about what he was saying.  Luckily, Christ gave me the strength to talk to him and to strengthen our relationship so we could move on with what we are learning.

I also saw Spiritual Warfare in our community this week as we had something happen that shook us all to the core.  I can’t go into detail about what exactly happen, but I can say that Satan is crafty and will do everything he can to break a body of believers apart.  Christ prevailed once again however and although we still need to go through some healing, we are able to see how Christ will work it for the good of everyone involved.

I also see a war waging in my own heart.  I see Satan filling me with lies and doubts about who he is.  I see him tempting me to disobey the God I love.  Here’s the good news however.  Light dispels darkness.  Jesus says, “I am the light of the world.”  When we have Christ, Satan has no power.  Through prayer, forgiveness, and the studying of God’s word,  I am better equipped to fight this battle.  I get to put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6: 10-18) daily and be ready for war.

This weekend, we prepare to leave for Colorado for a week.  We will be visiting a YWAM base there.  Please pray for us in our travels.  It will be a long twenty-one hour van ride driven by one driver. So Pray for strength and alertness for her. Pray for safety.  Also be praying throughout the week that we will gain a better understanding of who Christ is and that this trip will be fruitful.  We leave Saturday at 4am.

This week has been so great and it’s not even over yet.  God has blessed us here at the Mission School more than I could ever express.  God’s blessing to each and everyone of you as you go throughout your week.

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