Bravado Colorado

Well, here I sit in a packed van with 12 of my closest friends.. Well more like family. We are on our way back from our trip to YWAM Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was such an amazing learning experience. Not just through the classes, but also through the trips we made, and people we met.

This week was challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physically I was pushed to my limits as we hiked up mountains and climbed many rocks. I was challenged mentally through the convicting teaching done by Chet Ingram. I was challenged emotionally through fighting the lies in my head about being good enough or weather I fit in.

We got to experience God’s glory in a whole new way here. With the snow covered mountains, ashy red rocks, and the first snowfall of winter. We got to see the Beauty of Gods creation and the beauty of God. If this sin filled earth is so beautiful, can you even imagine how beautiful the New Heavens and New Earth will be someday? I’m so excited to see that.

This week we learned about Laying down our rights. This included teachings about what Followers of Christ have to give up for the sake of the gospel. I was convicted in many areas of my life. A few examples of things I have to relinquish is my right to physical safety, financial security, a spouse, and a good reputation. I have to give these things to the Lord and trust he will provide for me what I need to further his kingdom!

This week has also been a test. It was a test to see how well I would do without my support system around me. Although I had an anxiety attack at the beginning of the week and had a couple rough evenings, one thing came very clear to me. My true support, no matter where I am on the globe, comes from God alone. And he alone will provide the right people in my life at the right time. I’m beating my depression and not letting it beat me.

I met a lot of amazing friends this week. It was very sad to go knowing these people are from all over the globe and knowing I may never see them on earth again. I do find great comfort, however, in the fact that I’ll see them in Heaven someday. These are my brothers and sisters in Christ and they also know if they ever find them-self in Michigan that our door is always open.

Love and blessings, my friends, on this snowy Saturday.

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