These past three days we have been in Chicago. We had a packed week as we had a lot of teachings from the Moody professor Dr. John Fuder. We also got a chance to visit some different ministries in the Chicagoland area. It has been an experience for sure.

This week we have been learning about Community Development. That is the building up of the community by various means. BSHOP has been doing this over on the West side by moving into the neighborhood, listening to, and serving the neighbors. It was a very cool thing to see the different ways they do this in Chicago. They used various means to reach the poor and impoverished communities. Not only did they reach them, but they became a part of them, much like BSHOP has done on the west side.

Another way we experienced the city was through exploring downtown. It has been a huge eye opener to see the homeless and hurting people in the city. It hurt me to see all of the hurt and pain others go through. One practical thing I learned that I was able to put into practice this week was being able to see the poor the way God sees them. I learned to love them and pray for them.

It’s sad to see all the sin in the city. It seemed drugs and murder were brought up frequently on this trip. My heart is heavy with sadness about these issues. I pray the Lord comes quickly.

Tonight I leave Chicago with a heavy heart, from all I’ve seen and learned. I also leave with a sense of hope knowing CHRIST is alive and moving in that city. The ministries we visited are listening to Christ’s calling and doing what they can to serve their communities.

My heart hurts by the brokenness in this world. But I’m hopeful in Jesus that he can redeem.

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