The End

It’s the end…. The end of Phase one that is. The first phase of this journey flew by and the second phase is quickly approaching. Looking back at all of what phase one taught me, I have nothing but awe at who God is and who he created me to be.

These past couple of weeks have consisted of some joy and some hardships. There was joy in our community as we went and got a Christmas tree, had a Christmas Party, and just enjoyed each other’s company. There was plenty of laughter. There were hardships too, however. I made a mistake, which lead to some things that brought about some challenges I had to and am still having to face. Through it all, however, God is teaching me His faithfulness, steadfast love, and how to wait on him. He’s teaching me how to place my trust in his decisions and how to relinquish control. They are hard challenges, but God is faithful through it all and I have to trust it will be okay.

On to Christmas break. Here I will enjoy time with my family, some friends, and relax. It will be a hard transition from having a full schedule to having an empty one, but I know ways to keep myself busy I hope.

That’s all for now.. Next stop, Guatemala.

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