Beauty from the Ashes

Since it’s Christmas, and I didn’t do a Christmas card, I decided to do a Christmas blog post.

Thanks to some awesome people, I have been reminded how crazy awesome God is and how he truly uses everything for my good.  The first time I was hospital last fall, I could have never imagined that being used for anything good. Little did I know God had a bigger plan for me.

This year has been the most challenging one to date.  It has been hard for a variety of reasons. The big one being that I have had a long struggle with depression.  I was hospitalized this spring and then again this summer.  Imagine this, being so hopeless you literally want to take your own life, then being thrown into a place that took away all of your family, friends, and comforts of home. This is what being in Pine Rest was like. I did not understand why they would do that to anyone. Little did I know at the time, all the good that would come of it.

So basically, the hospital got easier as the people there sort of became like a family to me.  As I was there I was also able to share my faith with other patients.  That in itself was worth the experiance.  It did have an even better outcome, however. Due to the fact that I was in the hospital finals week this last spring, I had to take a medical leave of absence from university. This was hard at the time.

After knowing I wouldn’t be able to return to school in the fall, I needed to figure out how to fill my time. Early in the summer I found out about a mission school that was taking applications. I didn’t know why at the time, but I knew I had to apply.  I thought I’d never get in.  If I did get in I thought I’d never be able to raise the money.

Guess what, I got in and raised all the money I need.  Now in one short week I leave for Guatemala.  Why did I share all this with you, you may wonder?  Well the reason is simple: to show how God can use all things to truly work for his good.  If I hadn’t gotten depressed, I would have never been hospitalized, I never would have had to take a semester of at GVSU, I never would have applied for the mission school, I never would have gotten in, I never would have had my life change, and I would never have had a chance to go to Guatemala.  If I hadn’t of gotten depressed, I would still be in school, still not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.  Because of my depression and hospitalization, as hard as it was, it made me so much stronger and helped me find my passion in life.  God has such a beautiful story to tell and he’s letting me be a part of it.

So though this year has been challenging, I wouldn’t go back and change a second of it.  God is doing big things in my life and I’m excited to see what the next year will bring.  Merry Christmas everyone.

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