Greetings, from Guatemala

It has been a long day.  It started out at midnight last night when we left for the Chicago airport.  We arrived around 3am and then it was a lot of waiting, going through security, and more waiting.  At 4:30am we got to bored our flight and we were off.

The first flight to Huston was pretty uneventful. The flight arrived a little late, so the most exciting thing was running through the airport to catch our next flight.  But we made it.  It might have been JUST in time, but we did it.  This flight was a little more fun however, as I got to practice my Espanol with the man I sat next to on the plane.  He spoke no English at all so I appriciated the fact that he suck with me as I tried to strike up conversation with my poor Spanish skills.  He was very gracious though.

When we arived we had to go through coustoms which went smootly.  Then we were on our way, in the real Guatemala.  It is so beautiful here, I cant even begin to describe it.  From the plam trees, to the mountains, to the weather, we could not be more blessed.  I’ll have to post pictures sometime soon.  Well thats all for now.  Its time for me to unwind some after such a long day.  Blessings my friends,

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