First Week in Guatemala

Well, week one is quickly coming to a close. We have been here eight days now, but it feels like a lot longer.  This week was laid back, but we were still able to get a lot of stuff done.  I will attempt to give you the highlights.

First off, we weren’t alone at the house where we are living this week. Another team from Colorado stayed with us for the week. They leave early tomorrow (Sunday) morning.  It was great having them here to share meals with and connect with.

This week was slower because we didn’t have classes to teach yet.  The schools we are teaching in don’t start until the 19th.  It was good though.  We were able to catch up on sleep, do lesson planning, explore the city, study the bible together and serve. 

On Wednesday we got a tour of the National Cemetary.  Sounds strange, right? Well, it was actually very informative.  Through the cemetary, we were able to learn the history of Guatemala and some of its social issues.  That same day, we ended up seeing the dumps.  There, we saw a heartbreaking thing: people living and working in the trash.  My heart broke for those people.  There was so much brokenness and a heaviness filled the air.  All we can do is pray for Christ to come soon as we also learned how powerless we are to change the world.  Only God can do that.  We also, in contrast, visited the richest part of the city.  The social divide is so power divide is so evident.

On Thursday, we went to another city in Guatemala.  It was beautiful.  With the cobblestone roads and the Spanish arcitechture, it was a great experiance.  I was able to visit a ministry to homeless men while I was there.  I loved being with and getting to know the men and the people who run the ministry. After, we went to a small Guatemalan taco shack.  For the equivalent of three dollars, we got three tacos and a smoothie. Now that’s a deal.  After we shopped around a little bit at the market and I was able to buy a couple souvenirs.

Friday, was a day to serve.  We painted an old men’s home that provided shelter to old homeless men.  God is definitely at work in that ministry. We met the woman who ran that and several other ministries named Archely.  She had such a beautiful heart. We joined the Colorado team for this project.

Today, we went to he beach.  It was a two hour car ride to the Pacific ocean.  The water was warmer than a swimming pool.  The waves were huge! We got to relax and soak up the sun with some of our new Guatemalan friends. We also got to release sea turtles!!

We have one more week before school starts. I’m so excited to get to know the kids of La Limonada. Until next time. Hasta luego.

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