The Journey of faith and strength

This blog will be less about what we have been doing, but this blog will be more focused on what God is doing and what he has already done in Guatemala.

So far this week, we got to visit and see some of the poorest of the poor.  We saw living conditions that are unimaginable and heartbreaking.  I had a hard time taking it all in.  From the sewage in the streets to the homes that are barely livable.   I have never experianced this kind of poverty in my life.  I’ve seen things most people (even people in Guatemala) would never even imagine seeing.  Like I said though,  this isn’t about what I’ve seen, but more about what God is doing.

I was remindned this week by a fellow student, that some of the most broken places are the places that God is the most present.  That’s because God has been working there already.  From the begining, God has been there.  Us coming does not change that fact.  We are simply aids into what he has already been doing.  I saw hope in the Bus Terminal that we went to on Wednesday and La Limonada that we saw for the first time on Thursday.

I want to be a rescuer.  I want to swoop in and save these kids, but I know I can’t.  God it the only hope.


The Picture above is of La Limonada.  The largest slum in central America.  It is the place I will be working startng next week by teaching music classes to the children.  I pray God uses me to encourage and love these kids who live such dificult lives.  Of all the places in the world I could be, I know that God has me here in this place for a reason.

Sunday I will post about all that we have done this week.  Until then. Adios.

One Reply to “The Journey of faith and strength”

  1. God is using your team to touch their hearts! He is using the children to wake us up to the need in far off places as well as here.

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