Greater & Greater

This week has been wonderful.  It seems everyday I’m falling more and more in love with this country.

This week, I turned 22.  That means I survived 21, the worst year of my life.  I know now the years will only grow better and better as I grow deeper and deeper in my relationship with Christ.

This weekend we got the chance to go to the small town of Monjas.  Here we learned how coffee is grown, picked, sorted, washed, etc.  So I got to spend Valentines day with my love, coffee.  The great thing about this weekend however has just been being able to spend time relaxing with the people I love.  My team is absolutely wonderful. I’m not sure I have talked much about how great they are, but they are great. 

My team is filled with loving individuals who strive to follow Jesus.  This week I saw how their loved poured out.  I’m so blessed to be with them.  We pray often for unity among us and that’s exactly what is happening. We have seen the Lord at work in our group everyday.

With that said, I’m growing to miss my friends in India, back in Michigan, and my family.  It will be great to be reunited again. I got a chance to talk to my friend Liliya this week, as well as my parents. That was wonderful.  I also got to chat briefly on my birthday with the a couple lovely ladies from the India team.

I’m so blessed to have this opportunity.  It has given me a heart for missions.  One thing that’s been on my mind this what my plans for next year will be.  I could go back to Grand Valley, go to a different college, work full time, or pursue a life of missions.  Today I emailed the director of Loves Door for All Nations.  If I got accepted into that program I could spend six months in Zambia, Africa.  With so many options I have a hard time knowing what to do.  Luckly, the Lord is guiding my footsteps and will show me what to do.  I know I’m going to finish college.  I just don’t know know if next year is the year for that.  We will see what the future has in store.

One last thing before I go.  I named this post Greater and Greater.  That  comes from the phrase “He must become greater and greater and I must become less and less.”  I have found that to be so incredibly true during my time here in Guatemala.  He is continually being exalted and I am constantly being humbled.  God is at work in this country and I am so lucky to be a part of it.


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