As I slowly begin to pick up the pieces of my once broken life, I find myself so joyful at the fact that I’m even alive.  Here’s the truth.  Just a few weeks ago I was fighting with death.  I was on the edge of my life.  Thankfully not at the end of it though.  I’m alive, and so happy to be so.  Now it’s just a matter of picking up the pieces and moving into a new direction.

Now is a time of transition in my life.  Now that I feel better I have the ability and freedom to do things I previously found near impossible to do.  I recently started the process of cleaning out and renovating my room.  I got a gym membership.  I’m counting calories.  I even now have a perspective job on the horizon.

I also have choices to make about my future.  I could stay here, go to therapy, continue  with my doctor, take a coping skills class, start school again in the fall, and find spiritual healing through various sources.  My other option is possibly moving to Tennessee to be a part of a program called Mercy Ministries.  This would be a radical change in my life, but there they truly only focus on my healing both physically and spiritually.  This is such a hard choice that I’m thinking and praying about.

Transition.  Now is a time for transition.  It’s time for me to step in a new direction in my life.  When one door closes, many more open.  I’m so thankful for today, yesterday, and all the days prior.  I have a great life that IS worth living.  No matter my past and no matter my future, in this moment, I’m content with myself and who God created me to be.

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