It lead me down an ugly road…

It all started with me having to leave the mission school.. It all ended when I made my decision to stop being a Christian. You may wonder what that is?

That is the abuse I received from Christians who said they wanted to help me but left me for nothing. The ones that told me they would pray for me but never walked beside me. It’s the ones who said they loved me, yet cowered in fear when I failed to love myself. This is what drove me as far from that Jesus guy as I could get.

I will thank you for your prayers, I will sit with you as you sing.. But I will not participate in something that is so hateful *gasp* I said it.. Hateful as the religion that is Christianity..

Show me a loving Christian and maybe I’ll see a loving Jesus.

As for what to say to me? I know all the responses I’ll get to this post before they even come… I also know all the answers you want to hear. The thing is, I’m posting this not to upset anyone, but to rather state a reality that is within the Christian Church. The ways Christians treat the mentally ill, the physically ill even, the LGBTQ community, and so fourth..

Remember the golden rule?

Anyway, that’s all my ramblings for tonight. I’m sure going to cause a ruckus aren’t I?

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