Who we are.

With all the attention Caitlyn Jenner is getting, the LGBT community seems to be prouder than ever and the conservatives seem to be madder and more disgusted than ever. It makes me sad to see such extremes. Caitlyn Jenner, as she now identifies, is not the only Transgender person in the world nor will she be the last. Im not going to give my opinion on the issue, but rather state something I think needs to be said to everyone.

Being a human being, I have grown up in life with many hardships and struggles. I have had many joys and some trauma that all make up a part of the person I am today. Much like me, Caitlyn is a human, with thoughts, experiences, emotions, all having effected her in some way making up who she is as a person. Her identifying as one sex or another doesn’t change that fact. What is sickening to me is how people are almost de-humanizing her from both sides.

From the one side, she is not a she. She is a sick individual who needs help. She’s an animal.

From the other, she’s an example to all. She’s a sign of progression. She’s a saint.

Caitlyn Jenner is a human. She just so happens to have male genitalia. She also just so happens to identify as a woman. But underneath all that, she’s a human. And like all humans, this, has obviously been something she has struggled with her whole life.

To the one side, I say, how can you deny someone love when they are obviously struggling so much? How can you say she’s not a she when you have NO IDEA the things she’s been through. I don’t know, but for me, I want to respect everyone. That includes Transgender people.

To the other side, I say, stop giving her so much glory and praise! Stop rubbing it in conservatives faces. It’s only making things worse. In fact, instead of giving her praise for coming out, how about you go help you brother/friend/neighbor who is struggling with identity issues. I’m sure they are not quite as proud about this as you are. Also, remember she has money. Lots of it. Calling her beautiful, though it may be true, is only putting up another false idea of beauty. ESPECIALLY for those transgender girls who can’t afford facial reconstruction surgery.

I don’t know why it’s blowing up as big as it is. I realize it’s a big deal, but she’s not the only one, I’m sure, that came out this weekend. I think in general, media gets way too much attention. Before we focus on her, let’s focus on who we are as people. Then we can reach out to those around us IN LOVE.

To my Christian friends: Your God loves all people, no matter how they may identify.

To my LGBT friends: Share that excitement you have with others. Don’t start fights. Love those even if they don’t agree with you.

In the end, we are all just blood and bones.

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