The Opposite of Up

This may not be something you want to read

You see, everyone thinks I’ll succeed

But that may not be the case

The last three years have been hell

Honestly, I have a pretty dark story to tell

If only I could erase my past

And I know the bad feelings won’t last

But when your in dark

It’s not a walk in the park

You see I’ve found one thing to be true

It’s that the only person you can do is you

And I’ll do me

But can’t you see

I can’t do it alone

And I don’t care if you call me on the phone

Or even if we are face to face

Most can’t keep up with this pace

You see I wrote my suicide note yesterday

And nothing you say will take the pain away

I promised myself I’ll never be in the “insane asylum” again

And I’m constantly saying my “Amen”

So I know this time I’ll either be strong and live

Or I’ll take my life with nothing to give

No in between 

It’s live or die

But you better believe I will try

No not for me

Or for this addresse 

But because I know God wants me alive

For whatever reason, he thinks I’ll thrive

And with all the shit I’ve gone through

I won’t just bid this world adieu 

Without a strong fight

With my thoughts in the dead of night

Now I’m not asking for much

Except maybe just stay in touch

I won’t bother you with my issues

Just be a friend, we don’t need a box of tissues

So I’ll end with this, in this fight you know nothing about

All I really need are just some friends that are devout

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