A Letter to The Beautiful Woman Who Will Marry My Brother

Taylor Eaton (soon to be Torreson),

I have been thinking on this letter for a couple weeks.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to write it closer to the wedding. I choose I would write it today, however, because I want you to know this as soon as possible.

You have decided to marry my best friend.  He’s your best friend too, I suppose.  We already have a lot in common.  I can not wait for you to be with the man who has been there for me my entire life.  I’m certain he is now going to be there for you the rest of yours.

As you already know, my brother is quirky and carefree.  He loves being goofy and dancing like he doesn’t care people are watching.  He loves being exactly who God has created him to be.  He loves his family, Nerf, and Disk Golf.  He loves YOU more than I could ever comprehend.  Taylor, you are lucky to have found him.  There is no one on this earth that I believe will love you as much as my brother will.

He’s lucky too. You are more and better then I could have ever dreamed of.  When I was younger, I couldn’t ever imagine the woman my brother would end up with.  Now that I know you, I still don’t think any of my expectations would even have reached the type of love you have for him.  You love his personality, his dances, and that unattractive noise he makes when he stretches in the morning.  I told him he’d never get a girlfriend that would like that. I was wrong.  You are his best friend and the love of his life.  I can’t wait until I can finally call you my sister.

Taylor, I love you more than I think you could ever know.  Not only because you make my brother the happiest man alive, but because you also made yourself a part of our strange, crazy family.  You have a heart of gold.  I love you and Jon so much.  It’s no longer just Jon whom I love and look up too.  It’s you two, together.  I want to thank you for being you.  You are my (future) sister-in-law, my friend, and my FAMILY.

I’ll Love you Forever and Always,


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