Moving On Up..


I have been so busy lately. Finals, final projects, and papers are coming due and I’m struggling to keep up.  Thankfully, I know that after next week, I will have a solid month off to just focus on the things I love and care about.  That includes this blog.  I love to write, clearly. There is something so soothing about bringing the chaos of my mind by writing it down and giving it order.  With this update, that’s exactly what I am attempting to do.  I have a little free time that I suppose could be used to type more papers, but I think I’m going to take some time to clear my head instead.

First off, I’m extremely excited to say that I finally have my next few years planned out for me.  My expected Graduation date will be Winter of 2018 (FINALLY). That’s two more years in my undergrad. By then I will hopefully be graduated with a Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) with a minor in LGBTQ studies and a minor in business. I will then appy to the University of Michigan’s Masters of Social Work Excellerated program.  That means that in 2019 I would have my Masters (MSW). Look Ma’, I’m finally going to have a big girl job! Again I say, FINALLY!!  That’s only 7 years in school… *eye rolls*

The next thing I’m excited about is one of my final projects. (A final project? Whaaaattttt? I know…) For this particular class (an LGBTQ studies class) our objective for our final project is to “queer” something.  Now probably the only time many people have heard the word “queer” is derogatorily.  “Queer” is actually a term that has been reclaimed by many in the LGBTQ community.  Essentially, though, the term means “something that is hidden or a shameful thing in society being brought into the public eye.”  So, using that definition of “queer”, I have decided to “queer” the topic of suicide for my final project.

When I first chose this subject I didn’t really think it had anything to do with the LGBTQ community.  Although in a final project I just did for another class, I found that suicide rates are two times higher in those who identify as LGBTQ.  With that, I know that bringing the topic of suicide to light is a very important thing to do for everyone!!!

So for my project I decided I was going to do a “shock value” survey.  What I decided to do was to go up to random people in the mall and on campus.  I told them I was doing research for a project and I needed them to answer one question for me.  I asked, “What would you saw someone trying to kill themselves?”  Though I was interested in the answer, the main goal was trying to see how they reacted to the question.  I talk about suicide so much and so normally that it doesn’t phase me.  I want others to be that comfortable with the topic as well.  Being afraid doesn’t stop it, it just puts it in the dark and shy’s people away from asking for help.  I got many different responses.  My project is not finished yet, so I won’t go too deeply into it yet.  One thing I did notice so far, is that everyone I had asked were shocked that I said that.

Kind of along the same lines, I’m super interested in getting more and more awareness out on the subject of suicide.  One way I have found to really enjoy is slam poetry.  I have written a few spoken word poems and I have performed them privately for friends and such.  I really want to try performing at a slam soon, though.  A slam is a great way to bring awareness to things you are passionate about.  My goal over Christmas Break is to find Slams here in Grand Rapids and read some of my work.  So that could be fun!

There are just so many awesome things coming up, I can hardly contain my excitement.  I’m looking forward to the future!  That’s huge for me considering I should be dead right now. Anyway, I should get back to my work.  Only 2 more weeks!!!!

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