The Color Red

Red. One of the two main colors of Christmas.  I have never questioned Christmas colors or their origins.  I’m not sure if these two colors root back to the birth of Jesus or stem from a secular tradition.  Regardless of where these colors came from, I do find these two colors such a strange representation of the season.

The color green seems like a silly color to represent the holiday, because there is almost no green to be seen under the snow covered parts of the world. The only green we see is the evergreen which we prominently display in our homes.  

The color that I really want to focus on is Red.  Red has never been a favorite color of mine.  The only time I would sport the color red was around Christmas. To me, red represented passion, anger, sex, blood, and violence.  

So, why red? I mean, my speculation on the color red and why it represents Christmas, isn’t so far fetched.  Red is blood. His blood. As we celebrate his birth, the color of his blood brings us back to the real reason he was born in the first place.  Baby Jesus, was born to die.  His red blood covers out black sins, which makes us white as snow. That’s, Christmas.  It’s not just a virgin birth, a lowly stable, and it sure isn’t Santa.  It’s about recievings a gift.  A free gift.  A gift of salvation and eternal life. The gift of forgiveness. All because this little baby, will die an innocent death someday. I mean, if you think about it… The whole bible, after the fall, focuses on the shedding of blood for forgiveness.  The Passover lambs were slaughtered. Their blood was painted on the door frame and when the Angle of Death passed through Egypt. No death came to the house holds protected by the blood.  Priests would make animal sacrifices and sprinkle the blood on the people.  This would cover their sins.  Red is not a terrible color, but a life saving one.

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