Dear Addiction,

I don’t love you anymore.  My life has been revolving around you for far too long.  The moment I saw you, I was tempted by the look in your eye. At the first kiss of my lips I was captivated.  You brought me into your world and echanted me with all of your riches. When I was with you, I felt the whole world was at my finger tips.  You made me happy, you made me smile, you fulfilled me.  Until you left.  When you were gone I was lost.  All I could think about was you.  I wanted to feel your warm embrace.  I needed you to make me happy, without you I was lost. So I found you again.  You welcomed me back, this time with a heavy hand.  The riches you gave were just an illusion. The joy I felt was fake.  Your smile was filled with lies.  The eyes of a used car sales man with a mask on. You captured me, but cheated me out of true happiness.  The longer I was with you, the stronger your hold.  You held me captive with your strong arms.  When I finally left you, you wee all I could thing about.  Inception took place in my mind.  I close my eyes and I dreamed of you.  I remembered everything you had to offer. I almost forgot how you destroyed my life.  Once I was free, I would still think of you. I’d think maybe if I went back I wouldn’t have to stay long.  I knew that’s not how you function though. You prey on those who are weak.  You infect them with a craving that only you can satisfy. Then you steal everything they have until they are left with a life without dignity.  I hate you.  You stole so much from me that I can never get back.  I am stronger though.  I have overcome your flirtatious stare; I reject your promise of great things.  You no longer control my life.  I am the author of my story and I left you in the last chapter. So here I say it, dear addiction,  I will not let you hold me again.

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