An Open Letter to Homophobic Christians

I have for many years wondered how someone can hate someone else.  No matter what they do or believe, it’s clear that Christians are supposed to love unconditionally.  It’s not that I do that perfectly, because I don’t.  I just believe that with every opportunity presented to me as a Christian, I have the opportunity to be Jesus to that person.  Jesus hung out with tax collectors, prostitutes, and sinners. 

If you are a Christian and dislike people who are gay, I have a proposition for you. Please, instead of hating them, hate me.  If your basis for hating them is that you believe homosexuality is sin, then I believe I am a much better candidate.

Reasons to be Victoriaphobic

  1. I lie
  2. I’ve had premarital sex
  3. I swear
  4. I hate (which according to Jesus is murder)
  5. I curse God
  6. I’ve done drugs
  7. I get drunk
  8. I put things above God almost every day
  9. I have stolen things
  10. I disrespect my parents

Those are the the tip of the ice burg with me.  I have committed so many dirty, filty, awful sins, I find it hard to believe God would ever love me. So as you can see, I’m an awful person.  So please instead of hating the gay person who is struggling so much to feel loved by anyone.  The one who is contemplating suicide because his family abandoned him.  I beg you, love him, and direct your hate at me.  

I have said this before, but as a Christian, if someone came in with a member of Isis and held a Gun to my moms head and said, “I will either kill her or this man from Isis, the choice is yours as to who I kill.” I would tell them to to let the man from Isis live.  This is because I know my mom would go to heaven and be exponentially happier.  Sure it would be hard for us, but I know I’ll see her again someday.  The other man, I know if he died, he would never get to experience the love of God and would be doomed to eternal suffering.  I would much rather let him live and show him Gods love in hopes that he would change his heart.

That is a very extreame example.  I do believe that we are called to love, though.  The ones we need to love the most are those who are lost and alone.  In many cases, I know people from the LGBTQ community are alone and feel abandoned, especially by the church.  I vow we change that.

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