Bridging the Gap

I’m a little pessimistic.  If I’m not happy at this point in my life, who’s to say I ever will be?  I don’t think it’s wrong to think that way.  It may not be completely right, yet it may not be completely wrong either.  After all, never once has someone’s life come with a garenteed happiness.  In fact,  the Bible promises we will face trials of all kinds.  Why then do we as Americans believe life is about our happiness.  The order I see is me first, those I love second, and everyone else last.  Seems pretty backwards of you ask me.

Comfort I one of Satans largest tools.  He gets us to believe we deserve comfort.  Money, power, wealth, and safety have become so important to us, we forget what the most important thing is.  If we truly were to try and live like those “WWJD” bracelets,  do you know how different our lives would look? 

I think about this as I see a friend striving for pleasure and happiness with no purpose.  He doesn’t have Jesus to live for.  He has no hope in anything and he can readily admit that he could care less about living or dying.  The sad thing is, I see a lot of my Christian friends striving for those same things.  They do claim to have a purpose, but often fail to act.  I don’t want to live a meaningless life.  

So, living with intention can be daunting.  Honestly, not everyone can give up everything they have to do mission work somewhere.  That’s the reality.  We then have to look around us and see how can we best use our talents and abilities to serve.  Tonight, at a prayer gathering, my pastor talked about bridging the gap between the city and the church.  If you think about what a bridge does, it allows people to cross from one thing to another.  Jesus is our bridge to God.  How can we bridge the gap where we live?

Prayer is a huge part of this.  We need to intercede for people.  There is power in the name of Jesus.  I also think it’s important to act.  Love those who hate you.  Serve those around you, even if you know you won’t get anything in return. Give what you can. 

I’ve seen how God uses his people to bring them to him.  I’m living proof God can redeem those who are terribly broken.  I think that’s why I’m so motivated to want to move.  Imagine the whole Body of Christ working together as one to share the good news of salvation!!! It reminds me of the book of Acts.  I’m so excited to see how God will move in this generation.  Remembering that it probably won’t be easy, know that the ultimate reward is waiting for us in heaven. 

One Reply to “Bridging the Gap”

  1. Your blog tonight was interesting to me especially now because I’m reading a book called Miracle at Markham, written by Charles Sheldon. Charles Sheldon is the author of In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? Those four words of his inspired the WWJD movement. If you get a chance, read it and this one. The themes of these books are very close to what you’re saying here. Love you!

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