The Longest Year

It’s crazy how one year can look so incredibly different from the last.  On tomorrow’s date (February 27th) two life changing events mark their claim.

Tomorrow, on Saturday February 27, 2016, my brother and best friend will be taking the women he’s been dating for 4 years to be his wife.  Tomorrow, I will gain a beautiful sister.  We will be celebrating with joy in our hearts the unity of two people in Christ.  Tears will flow filled with joy for their new life together.

Last year, on February 27, 2015, I made the suicide attempt that sent my life into a tailspin. One year ago, I overdosed in an attempt to kill myself.  After being taken to the hospital and spending the night, I was informed my time in Guatemala, the country that I love, was coming to an end.  That day marked the beginning of many hard months. Loneliness, anxiety, hospital stays, and thoughts of death continued through the next few months.  One year ago, my life almost ended.  

In many ways, my life did end on that day.  That’s say brought me to rock bottom. Rock bottom, however, is the very foundation on which I was able to build my life.  Through many tears of sorrow, tomorrow, I can cry tears of joy as a celebrate life. Not only my brother and new sisters life, but also the life I worked hard to save.  Tomorrow I’ll stand happy God didn’t let my life end one year ago, so I could witness my brothers “I do” and know he wouldn’t be the same without me there too.

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