This is For the Broken

Figuring out why life has got to be this way

It turns me to my bed, the only place I lay

Things once were simpler. I could laugh in a blissful paradise.

Now I sit here and ponder every decision I make so I don’t have to think twice.

I lay awake wishing lord here is my soul to take

If I live on here is my plee, take these haunting memories for goodness sake

I’m tired of seeing my rapist walk the same roads as I

With a smile on his face and a glen in his eye

This world is messed up, you all know it’s true

Why can’t a singer be away from the man that hurt her too

The worst thing you can call a woman is a bitch or a cunt

But the worst thing you can call a man is a girl. Now how is that not messed up?

Why is it when someone stands up for justice

People think every one is against them

If you’re so defensive about being a majority

Next time try being the minority 

I’m not blaming anyone but the system

I just don’t want people to tell me I need to sleep with him because I kissed him.

I’m sick of being told medication for my illness is wrong

Then listening to music rapping about abusing those same drugs in every song

I’ll be fine, I alway will be

& I will change the world someday, just you wait and see

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