Who Am I to Judge?

We live in a time and in a society that believes it is okay to belittle someone if they don’t fit into whatever standards you hold.  I have a hard time accepting that anyone should have to fit into a certain mold.  As a Christian, I am called to love my neighbor as myself.  Those words hold true no matter who or what we are talking about. 
I am not a very hateful person, though some do think I have the right to be so.  Most of the hell I went through the past three years can all be traced back to a very small bunch of people who found it okay to belittle me in different ways.  From being called a “fatass” to being raped, people in throughout my life put me down and brought me down.  My entire perception of who I was, was dictated by what I thought the world thought of me.  I was never good enough.  

I don’t think anyone should ever feel that they aren’t enough because of this or that. I find that most of my interactions with people in my personal life and in my professional life at work involves working to build people up.  Imagine a society that instead of pointing out every persons flaws, we focused in on their successes.  By focusing on what we wish we could fix about them, we are harvesting a generation of depressed people filled with negativity.  That negativity is sure to be reproduced.  No improvement in myself came from focusing on the negative.  In all honestly, it wasn’t until I learned to love my body and love me for who I am that the improvements came. When I learned to love my body, is when I decided I wanted to better it by becoming healthier.  It wasn’t until I loved my personality that I was able to allow someone else in my life willing to love me.  If I didn’t love myself, I also couldn’t love him well.  

Often, things continue to get in the way of growing as a person and more importantly, in my relationship with Jesus. That’s okay though because I’m constantly brought back and reminded of my worth.  Jesus literally loved me enough to die for me.  Jesus best friends were some of the most hated types of people in his day.  He loves sinners and people with flaws.  One of his great grandmothers was a postitute.  He loved the defiled and broken.  He loved those who others considered not loveable. I hate when people get the wrong picture of who Jesus is.  In fact, the people he had the hardest time with were the super religious ones who judged sinners harshly.  These are the same ones that killed him.  I was told once that my love for people is a bad thing.  That by loving certain people I was encouraging their bad behavior.  I don’t like that.  I love people because I believe DESPITE their flaws, they are worth loving.

Despite what anyone has ever done to you or told you, please know you are worth so much.  I don’t care if you believe in Jesus or you hate religion.  Know that I will never judge you wrongly.  I myself was a druggie, whore, suicidal person who turned my life around by simply learning to love myself and others. 

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