Is being Gay the Unforgivable Sin?

In a world of mass amounts of information and media being thrown around so quickly, it’s almost hard to miss the progress and lack of progress being made in the rights of those who are LGBTQ.  With Same-sex marriage being legalized in the United States and the more recent boycotting of Target for their transgendered friendly policies, it’s almost hard not to join in on the debat.  Weather you are pro-LGBTQ rights, anti-LGBTQ rights, or for the most part neutral on the subject, it’s almost hard not to form an opinon on the subject with every side being flung around on social media.  In reading articles and discussions on various topics it’s almost impossible not to notice a lot of hate speech being flung towards those who do identify as LGBTQ.  The most disturbing part? Most of the hate speech I see is being flung by Christians.

Now let me take a step back.  It is clear that not all Christians outright hate those who identify as LGBTQ.  In fact, the title of this blog post probably has a great majority of Christians shaking their heads and claiming “of course not”.  I mean honestly, the only people I’ve really ever heard claim Gays are damned to hell are extremist such as those who are members of the Westberou Baptist Chruch.  Then why did I even choose to ask that question in the title of this post? The answer to that lies within the comments on threads related to gay marriage, gay adoption, trans friendly bathrooms, and a number of other posts floating around the Internet.  By simply finding one of these articles,  you could read a variety of comments using the name of Jesus as a way to hate those who are gay or trans or pansexual or gender fluid or whatever else someone might identify as.

So, it’s probably no secret how I feel about most of these issues, so I won’t go into that.  Honestly, that isn’t even the real issue in this blog post.  The issue I would like to address is the homophobic and hate filled people using the bible as a crutch to spread their hatred.  

First of all, to anyone reading this, please know someone who loves Jesus and is a Christian does not hate anyone in the LGBTQ community. In fact,  someone who is following Jesus should try to refrain from hating anyone for Jesus himself said that hating someone is the same as murder in God’s eyes.  So a true God fearing Christian would never purposefully hate someone though no one is perfect and we all have our flaws.  I just hope that is clear.

With that established, I want to bring up something that was also recently brought to my attention.  Someone whom I love recently questioned me in my support of same-sex couple adoption.  Now I’m not going to argue here why I support same-sex adoption and if you want to know you are more than welcome to ask.  So why do I bring this up? Well, it’s the underlying question that is really what that person was getting at that I would like to address. That is, in supporting same-sex adoption, am I encouraging a sin and perpetuating the possible advance of that sin on the children who are adopted? I’m going to break this down into several parts.

Before I can address anything else, I’d like to define exactly what a sin is.  Marriam-Webster defines a sin as “an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.”  In my very humble opinion I think that’s a pretty accurate definition.  In this case of course the “divine law” would be the laws set in place by the God of Isreal that were not fulfilled through Jesus death and Resurrection.  Many recognize these as the Ten Commandments with a few bonuses thrown in by either Jesus or a letter of Paul.  With that establilised I’d like to ask the next questions, who then can commit a sin.  Well that is very clear in the bible.  The bible shows in multiple places that anyone and everyone sins! In fact, the only man to have lived and never sinned was Jesus who is God himself! 

So now we know what a sin is and who can sin, I can move on to the next part (the namesake of this blog post). Alright now there is much debate on wether homosexuality is in fact a sin, but for the perpous of this article I am just going to assume the point of view that homosexuality and other LGBTQ acts are sins.  So with that assumption let me ask the question, are certain sins worse than other sins?  Looking to the bible, one could conclude that in Gods eyes all sins are deserving of eternal punishment.  That means the liar is just as much deserving of eternal punishment as the murderer.  I know that sounds bizarre because on earth we have a system that deems some sins and crimes worse than others. The ones that cause significant  harm to other humans are  among those ranked as the worse.  However, God sees how all sin can hurt another person and deems them equal.  

Now, does the bible say that their are any unforgivable sin? Well, from my knowledge, the only unforgivable sin mentioned in the bible is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  Now I’m no expert on exactly what that means, but I am wise enough to know that homosexuality is not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.  So their, I answered that question.  Then why do people fear homosexuality so much and why are so many Christians afraid specifically of the spread of this one sin.

Well, my personal opinion is that the taboo of the subject in the church has caused for a fear that runs deep.  I would label this a fear as a fear of the unknown. So with all sins being equal, I would like to alone ledge the difference between habitual and non-habitual sins. A non-habitual sin is more or less a one time occurance within a period of time. A habitual sin is one that the person constantly struggles with throughout a period of time.  Some examples of habitual sins are porn addictions, lying, premarital sex (if it happens often), drunkenes etc.  the list is non exhaustive. Any sin could be habitual or non-habitual depending on the person.  So a man sleeping with a man once would be non habitual where as a man sleeping with another man consistently would be considered habitual.  The prior is what most are referring to when talking about “the sin of homosexuality”.

What bothers me the most about homophobic Christians is the inconsistency in their fear of the spread and end of sin.  You could see someone saying homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes and is dangerous for children to see while they sit in their third marriage with children running around. Divorce is just as much a sin as homosexuality so why are they not condemning themselves? Shouldn’t they have not gotten the divorce in the first place? I think it’s hard to argue that divorce isn’t harmful on children.  Now I’m going to bring back my support of the addition of children by same-sex couples.  The person that addressed me pointed out that by adopting these children they are encouraging them to accept or even be homosexual themselves. Shouldn’t people have the same fear with divorce? Yes, they should, but they don’t. If we are going to be hateful towards one sin or sinner we MUST be equally as hateful towards all sins and sinners otherwise we would be a hypocrite.  

Another thing brought up was homosexuality being forced into Christians and eventually pastors.  Well in being equal in our judgement, if we get mad because a judge has to sign same-sex marriage papers when they are Christian, we should be just as outraged that Christian judges also must sign certificates of divorce.  See the problem here? What about pastors being forced to marry same sex couples? What if that happens?  Shouldn’t we be outraged for this support of a sinful lifestyle? Well, if we are, we should also be outraged at patois who marry someone who had been married before. Both are sins of we continue using the same standards.  

Now I hope everyone knows I’m not picking on divorced people.  For once again, I myself am a sinner.  And that’s the point I’m getting at.  If homosexuality is an abomination so am I and so is everyone else.  If trans people are “mentally ill” then so is everyone else because I garuntee everyone had a something in their life that is a sin that they are no accepting as such.  It’s so harmful to those who are LGBTQ to have such a crooked view of who they are.  Jesus himself was killed for befriending sinners.  Did you know LGBTQ youth have the highest suicide rate.  The number one cause is homelessness due to family abandonment.  I garuntee most of these families were probably Christians.  God doesn’t not hate Gays!!! In fact he loves them so much! No they don’t have to become straight to be loved by God, they just are. Therefore, they should also be loved by us.

I’m not trying to push a liberal agenda I’m trying to show love.  This is the longest blog post I think I’ve ever written but I think it is so important to address this issue because hatred has lasting effects.  Love does indeed win. No that’s not gay propaganda.  That is an ideal of Christ!! I would like to say that my initial posting of this will not have been proofread (because I’m lazy) but will be eventually but don’t let that distract you. Also,  I’m open to questions regarding any claims to scripture I have made. I did not post any references or verses in the article but I am would be happy to provide upon request.  Overall, I hope that despit how this article was write that it doesn’t not distract from the message I’m trying to get across.  

“three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Shalom friend.

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