Listen and Speak

So far, my short time off Facebook has been eye opening. Though I have had to realize that a complete with drawl from Facebook would be unrealistic, I’ve tried my best to keep myself off the site by only going on for mass social interactions I need to make and a few likes here and there.  Though being off of Facebook was mainly for my mental wellbeing, I have f I understand how easy it is to still be caught in the media hype.  Most can see how media is doing a great job of dividing the nation, which begs the question of who’s really in charge hear and what are we actually fighting for.  I digress, however, for I feel I’m in no place to discuss the state of this broken world.

Being off Facebook puts me in a good place to think on my own and discover beauty in places where darkness is prevelant.  It has given me an opportunity to get myself together; to think about the present and where I want to be in the future. The most important thing I have done is continue to learn how to communicate with the love of my life, my parents, and those close to me. Sometimes I wish Facebook didn’t exist. Though, I am also thankful it does. 

With that I am now ready to announce some exciting news. As I work to be more involved and speak out in my community against mental illness and the stigma behind it, I work to use my art as a way to reach those around me. So I’m excited to announce a current collaborative I am working on with my sister and one other person.  The still nameless project will use conceptual photography to show the hidden scars remaining in sexual assault victims. Hopefully the project will be moving and help give a voice to many. With that, I may also have the opportunity to read some of my poetry at an art festival.

God gave me this life and when I want to live, I try my best to use every opportunity I can to be a blessing to others.

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