Over the course of this last week, I have learned a lot.  It’s crazy to think that even great learning can take place in the quiet of my bedroom.  Being sick with Mono has been challenging on me physically and emotionally.  Many of you probably know or have heard of the awfulness that comes with mono.  Having a hard time eating, having the constant urge to vomit, fevers, and being so tired I can hardly go to the bathroom just mark a few of the things that plague me.  I can be greatful that I’m alive, however, and with that, now is a great time to pause and re-evaluate my life.  

Here is where the real learning began.  As I started pondering the what, the who, the how, and the why, I quickly figured out that in order to succeed and be happy in my life, I need to align myself with those who believe and think similar things.  For me, two things stuck out in my mind.  My faith in Jesus is by far the most important thing to me.  If I lost everything, I’d still have him, & that’s who I need to cling onto. The second thing stems from that. When Jesus gave us the great commission at the end of Matthew, I’m sure he didn’t specifically think of me here in 2016. That, however, doesn’t negate the fact that this address was meant for everyone.  He has called his followers to go out and tell people! Here’s where my world got rocked.  I spent time in a third world country doing just that.  I worked and tried my best to share Gods love while I was there.  Now, I’m not saying my two months in Guatemala is my work being done, nor am I saying my time their was meaningless.  To me, I think that if I really want to serve God to the best of MY ability, I need to do that here and now, with the resources and talents God has given me.  This is really nothing new to me, but I feel like in this past season of life I grew comfortable.  I started settling for less.  I became a product of my environment.

I know I can serve the Lord for the rest of my life regardless of where I work, but I think God put passions, dreams, and desires in me for a reason.  So where do I go from here? Well, that is something I also am considering.  Remember I stated I need to align myself with that in which I believe.  As of right now, I quietly follow my passion on the sidelines.  Instead, pursing God with my skills and talents should be the main event.  So, back to the question of where do I go.. Well, I for one believe very strongly that God did not allow me to go through the horrible things I have without wanting to use those things to help others. My passions are helping others, helping those who struggle from mental illness, and bringing light into the community of people who are in such a dark place right now. For a long time I have wanted to be an advocate, a psychologist, a social worker, or something that will put me in the field! How silly was I to believe I NEEDED a degree to do so.  I’m already here.  I’m active in giving those with mental illnesses a chance to relate, to express themselves, and to believe that this is not the end.  

Do I believe I’m going to use my blog to change the world? Well, no, probably not.  But that’s not the point.  I have so many tools and resources that I have used and can use to reach others.  If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.  

I have more to say but I will be saving that for another time.  I would like to offer something to you (my readers, friends, family, whoever stumbles upon this blog post). As I have free time but little energy, the only thing I’ve found to do that isn’t electronic is my art.  I love watercolor and drawing.  To fill my spirit and my time I really want to send anyone that wants one a custom painting or drawing.  Nothing special, just on a sheet of paper in an envelope, but just for you. As an encouragement or an I love you. 🙂

If interested, shoot me an email (seriously do it) and give me an idea of somethings you might like examples being favorite animal, location, a quote or song and I will base my painting or drawing off of that. Or, if you want a suprise, I’ll send you something of my own design! 

So here’s what I want you to do: 

  1. Email me at:
  2. Give me some ideas or say “Suprise me”
  3. Add your Name so I know who this is going to
  4. Put your address at the end and I will mail it out as soon as I can

Blessings Friends! 

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