A Day of Rest

Busy is the word that I could define my life with.  I slow down for moments of peace and contentment but I’m always back at it again.  I feel saddened that I have been unable to share much on my blog during this time.  Not only because I love writing, but also because I love sharing my thoughts and feelings.  I wrote three posts that I never ended up posting for one reason or another.  I seem to be a bit more filtered than I was in times past.

I want to share a bit on The Sabbeth and how it has come to be so important to me.  The Sabbath is typically and historically a day of rest, more specifically a day of rest with God.  To learn more about the sabbath, the good book to Genisis does a good job laying it out.

I honestly never understood the sabbath as a child.  It seemed odd to me the we are taught to keep all these commandments yet the one about the sabbath I never saw walked out.  Honestly, even those who choose to not work on Sundays seemed to spend their time after church watching football.  What then is this all about? I was always curious.

At a Bible teaching in college, our speaker that evening told us how God want us to use the sabbath to rest in him.  He presented to is how this could be don’t by simply thanking him for all our good things, enjoying time with him, or enjoying his creation.  He told us it was important and that it didn’t necessarily have to be on Sunday, as long as we set aside a day for this special type of rest.

I think I practiced this one week after hearing that messaged than it was back to my old ways again. Still, I didn’t understand. 

Then my mind went through chaos.  My mind was never at rest and it cause some terrible things to happen.  In the hospital I learned the practice of mindfulness and being present in the moment.  It’s close to meditation just without the spiritual nature.  For the past year I have been working extremely hard to practice mindfulness daily.  Sometimes I just need to get out of my head and into the present.  

I have noticed how important that is to me and how I need this type of rest, just like I need sleep, to function.  That’s when I hit this reality of why God not only asks, but commands rest. He knows we need it.  He knows that resting in this way is a vital part of living a healthy life. I can now understand what it means to take a sabbath. It’s not necessarily all day bible study and it’s not all day napping.  It’s using one day a week to celebrate the day. Thank God for all the beauty you see around you. It’s feeding your body and taking some time to let your body rest.  It’s also meditating on him word and spending time in prayer.  It’s going somewhere to get things done and constantly reminding yourself of Gods goodness and using that to help bless others! The Sabbeth is no burden friend’s.  It’s a blessing.  It’s a celebration.  

Hold strong to what is true. Show who God is through your words and actions.  Be the man or woman God created you to be.


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