For What It’s Worth

When faced with ones own mortality, the mind tends to reach for something or someone to hold on to.  Now, I’ve stood face to face with death a few times now and I can honestly say, each time, the piece of life I was holding on to, the piece I was going to miss the most, was constantly changing.

Now as I sit back and ponder the fragility of life I feel as if I have a collection.  The hands of my mind hold close together as they are filled now with marbles of meaning. Each marble is a different size and color, but every marble is something that is priceless to me in this life.  These things are what make life worth living.

Now I ponder how the berevity of life effects each and every living being.  We all will, one day, face our deaths.  Movies and Books try to play out immortality as if it’s achievable. Worse yet, they glorify it as if living in this broken world forever would be a great thing.  Now I know that there is an eternity with God.  I also know that there is a much worse eternity.  But I also know that in this reality we face a certain death. Regardless, I still must hold on to this life, these marbles, while I’m here in this reality.

Recently, I was reminded of my mortality. This time, it was out of my hands.  I’m not sure how long this life has for me.  Nobody really does.  I could live another 70 years or I could die tomorrow.  But when I hear something that truely makes me look my life and death straight in the eye, I realize that this is always there.  My death, my mortality, is always lingering over me whether I am consciously thinking about it of not.  And if I truly want my last moments to be filled with meaning and perpous, I know that I have to live every single day like it’s my last… no not skydiving or traveling, but truly catering to the things I am most passionate about.  Because I won’t be on this earth forever, but maybe I can make an impact that will. And for what it’s worth, I’d rather live a short life filled with tons of meaning, than a long life wasted on selfishness. 

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