Greetings! Welcome to my about page. My name is Victoria and I’m currently attending University to be a Social Worker.

This my personal blog about my journey through life.  Some of my posts are very specific to my life, while others are more generic. I write a lot about my battle with depression, anxiety, and addiction.  Writing not only helps me, but I pray my writing may also help others.  I’m always open to questions and conversation. I’m super passionate about everything I write about.  I write some about my faith too. In my posts, you’ll often see me giving credit to God. I am a struggling Christian and I ask tough questions.  I love all types of feed back, though.  

My blog is entitled A Suicidal Love Note as I believe, they are one in the same.  When I wrote my suicide note, I mainly wrote about everyone I loved and told them how much I love them.  This blog, much like that suicide note, is a testament to my love for people, yet my own internal struggle with myself.  This ironic title speaks to who I am.  My love for others and the hate red for myself. Ultimately, in this blog I fight for my life in trying to show that all human life is worth something, even my own.

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